Frequently Asked Questions is Online Assessment and Knowledge Management Engine which is very useful to manage assessments, exams of students / employees of the institute/ Corporates. Entire assessment can be conducted with internet enabled PC and Eklavvya Platform available on Subscription basis.
  • Self Assessment and Evaluation
  • Question bank Management with Subjective and Objective Questions
  • Subjective and Objective Exams
  • Documents, Blogs, Articles sharing
  • Examination Management and Scheduling
  • Student Exam Reporting and Analysis
  • Exam User Administration
  • Knowledge Management
  • Result Analysis and Certificate Generation

You can create multiple exam papers based on available question banks. You can also define Subjects, question types , difficulty level of the questions to be included in the exam. System would generate question paper and it would be assigned to students with sequence of the questions generated randomly.
Today’s competitive world demands innovative usage of technology in knowledge sharing, discussions, knowledge enhancement process. In case of distributed environment when professor looking to communicate with the students, looking to suggest some useful articles, blogs Knowledge Management would prove to be effective medium. Even during campus placement activities of the institutes this tool can be used to share useful articles with the students.
Eklavvya supports complete ranking and sorting of the students based on assessment.
Examiner can login at Eklavvya and analyze answers submitted by the candidate for subjective questions. Examiner an assign marks per question for the exam. At the end of it detailed report would be generated for each candidate about performance in the exam.
Visit the Pricing(link) Page, There are multiple subscription options available including Free Plan (link). You can register and start using the services immediately.
Institute do not need separate servers to manage Student assessments. System is installed on Cloud Server with 100% databackups and security along with 0% downtime. Eklavvya can be accessed from any browser. You need internet connection to access the system. There is no need for any additional softwares, hardwares to be installed locally.
Our pricing is based on your usage. Platform is hosted in cloud environment and based on total number of exam credits your institute/ Organization would be charged. Please check our pricing section to get more details about it.
Yes, system supports certificate generation for the successful candidates. This certificate can be customized and can be downloaded from the System. You can upload your own logos.
Eklavvya engine is hosted in cloud platform and has dedicated secured data centers with 100% availability and uptime guarantee. It can be scaled upto thousands of concurrent users based on your need.
Eklavya supports following types of questions for assessment
A. Subjective Questions (User can type the actual answer during assessment)
B.Objective Questions
> Multiple Choice Ranging from 2 to 5
> True False Type Questions
> Fill in the Blank type question
> Image/Picture based question (Picture Series, Identification of Image etc)
You can easily upgrade to the next level by making additional online payment for the exam credits. Upgrade option is available for you when you login to the system.